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[movies]UFC and FOX announcement
UFC and FOX announcement
Keywords: searchonly; ufc; and; fox; announcement
Downloads: 18
[movies]Maddow Equates Bret Baier With Sean Hannity
Rachel Maddow thinks Fox News may have already decided to back Newt Gingrich over Mitt Romney for the Republican nomination based at least in part on how the two candidates were treated on the same night by two different Fox interviewers. But comparing Bret Baier to Sean Hannity is a bit disingenuous.
Keywords: news&information; rachel maddow; mitt romney fox interview; newt gingrich fox interview; mitt romney; newt gingrich; sean hannity; bret baier; romney baier; gingrich hannity; fox primary; fox republican
Downloads: 3
[movies]Is Miss Piggy a Pinko? The Muppet Defends Herself from Fox News Slurs
When Fox Business News host Eric Bolling called out the latest Muppets movie for promoting Communism it was only a matter of time before someone asked Kermit and Miss Piggy about the allegations. And boy did Miss Piggy have the best of Bolling.
Keywords: news&information; miss piggy; kermit; muppets; muppet show; fox business; eric bolling; muppet communist; muppet anti-capitalist; fox sponge bob; wolf blitzer; cnn; fox; blitzer kermit
Downloads: 11
[movies]The Five on Fox, Kim Kardashian, Lassie and Flipper. Seriously.
Fox News replaced Glenn Beck with The Five and most people thought it was a temporary fix. Instead the show is going strong and branching into new territory, now taking on Bravo's Andy Cohen and Watch What Happens with Kim Kardashian news.
Keywords: news&information; kim kardashian; andy cohen; bob beckel; the five; flipper; lassie; watch what happens; bruce jenner; dana perino; fox news; funny fox news; dumb fox news
Downloads: 22
[movies]Uncomfortable: Trump Disses Fox Contributors On Fox and Friends
Donald Trump is a favorite of the Fox and Friends bunch but when he slams Fox contributors like Karl Rove and Charles Krauthammer, well, it can get uncomfortable. Steve Doocy, Gretchen Carlson and Brian Kilmeade love the idea of the Trump Republican debate as much as Newt Gingrich. Not everyone at Fox agrees.
Keywords: news&information; donald trump; trump debate; newt gingrich; fox and friends trump; fox and friends; brian kilmeade; steve doocy; gretchen carlson; fox and friends squirm
Downloads: 6
[movies]Fox Lake Loop 9/28/09
A beautiful, windy fall day that was great for a 22 mile bike ride, except the sky was falling.
Keywords: bicyle ride; road rides; athens ohio; fox lake; chicken little
Downloads: 2
[movies]Fox War on Christmas Funnier Than Jon Stewart's Parody
Fox News loves covering the "War on Christmas" it created. So much so that The Daily Show's Jon Stewart (along with plenty of other comedians) has had a field day with parodies. The problem is the real coverage on Fox is funnier than those making fun of it.
Keywords: news&information; war on christmas; fox news; eric bolling; gretchen carlson; fox war; fox christmas; fox war on christmas; bill oreilly; the five; the daily show; comedy central; jon stewart; daily show war on christmas
Downloads: 25
[movies]Kooky Cavuto and His Speed Reader
Critics complain that Fox News is really just the broadcast arm of the Republican Party, choosing stories and coverage based on the GOP's current talking points. Fox insists it is both straight news (Bret Baer, Shep Smith) and pure opinion (O'Reilly, Hannity) and viewers know the difference. Um...not if you see this.
Keywords: news&information; neil cavuto regulations; neal cavuto regulations; neal cavuto; neil cavuto; your wolrd cavuto; cavuot speed reader; speed reader regulation; cavuto regulation; boehner regulation; republican regulation; fox news regulation; fox regulation; fox speed read; fox stunt; fo
Downloads: 3
[movies]War on Halloween Baffles Favorite Fox Guest Laura Ingraham
Fox and Friends has found a new enemy -- schools that don't want kids to dress up for Halloween in school. To Gretchen Carlson and the Fox & Friends brain trust that constitutes a "War on Halloween". To Fox favorite, conservative commentator Laura Ingraham it's just good sense.
Keywords: news&information; war on halloween; school halloween ban; gretchen carlson; gretchen carlson halloween; steve doocy; fox and friends halloween; dumb fox and friends; stupid fox and friends; fox news war; fox war on christmas; war on christmas; laura ingraham; laura ingram
Downloads: 4
[movies]Hank Williams Compares Obama to Hitler on Fox
Fox and Friends is hardly the smartest morning television but bringing on Hank Williams Jr. to talk politics is sure to bring the discussion to a new low. So when Williams compared Obama to Adolf Hilter it caught Steve Doocy, Brian Kilmeade and Gretchen Carlson by surprise -- but only Carlson had the presence of mind to say something -- 3 minutes later.
Keywords: news&information; hitler obama; fox and friends; fox & friends; hank williams jr; hank williams fox; hank williams hitler; hank williams obama; hank williams football; hank williams nfl; hank williams monday night; williams hitler obama; hank williams racist; williams kilmeade; william
Downloads: 31
[movies]Chris Matthews Slams Gingrich For Calling Juan Williams By His First Name
MSNBC's Chris Matthews is famous for getting carried away -- remember his tingle up the leg? But when he takes on the racial overtones at the South Carolina Republican debate and Newt Gingrich calling Fox News contributor Juan Williams, "Juan", Matthews undercuts his own argument.
Keywords: news&information; juan williams; newt gingrich; fox news; fox debate; south carolina debate; republican debate; gingrich juan; debate race; racism; food stamp; food stamp president; barack obama
Downloads: 4
[movies]Lou Dobbs Thinks The Lorax Movie is Indoctrinating Our Kids
First it was Sponge Bob, then The Muppets, now Lou Dobbs thinks a Dr. Seuss character The Lorax is being used by Hollywood liberals to indoctrinate our children with an anti-industry, pro-environmental message. Nutty? Sure, but that's not even the best part.
Keywords: news&information; lou dobbs; fox news; fox business; hollywood; liberal hollywood; indoctrination; the lorax; lorax green; lorax propaganda; universal pictures; sponge bob; the muppets
Downloads: 27
[movies]CBR TV @ WC12: "Fringe" Star John Noble on Painting, Voice Work & Walter Bishop
Actor John Noble joined CBR's Jonah Weiland in the CBR Tiki Room following a panel at WonderCon 2012 in Anaheim, CA to discuss his work on the Fox sci-fi series "Fringe," painting, his work in genre stories and the joys of voice acting. Noble began by saying the idea of convention panels is often daunting until he gets in front of fans and feeds off their energy and excitement, praising the crowd at his WonderCon panel...
Keywords: arts&culture; talk&interview; cbr tv; wondercon 2012; john noble; fringe; fox
Downloads: 5
[movies]Dario Mobley VS Lance Fox
Keywords: searchonly; mma; mots; cageradio; rogue warrior cage fights; dario mobley; lance fox
Downloads: 7
[movies]Megyn Kelly Talks Crime With a Psychic. That's news?
Fox News is known for it's unusual guests like body language experts and Hank Williams Jr. But Megyn Kelly broke new ground when she interviews a Texas woman who says she's a psychic helping cops 1500 miles away find a missing little girl.
Keywords: news&information; megyn kelly; psychic; lisa irwin; missouri missing girl; fox news; stephanie almaguer
Downloads: 6
[movies]TRANSFORMERS 3: More Twisted Metal and Bay-splosions in 3D!
Now, we?re not saying there?s anything WRONG with twisted metal and 3D Bay-splosions? in fact, making a film in 3D seems to have slowed down Bay?s editing pace considerably. But if you were expecting maybe third times the charm for Bay and the Transformers source material, you?ll be just as disappointed by this one as all the others. There?s barely enough to recognize your favourite 80?s cartoon was the basis of this 2.5-hour romp, but after it leaves you exhausted at the credits, you?ll need to...
Keywords: science fiction; transformers; review; dark of the moon; sequel; michael bay; rosie; fox
Downloads: 8
[movies]Fox News Anchor John Stossel Wants People to Stop Voting
Libertarian Fox News anchor John Stossel believes some human instincts don't serve us well in the modern age -- including the "instinct" that it's a good thing for everyone to vote. Stossel says we should encourage dumb people not to vote but he never mentions all the polls showing Fox News viewers being the least well informed about current events.
Keywords: news&information; john stossel; fox news; neil cavuto; libertarian; voter registration; dumb voters; instinct
Downloads: 8
[movies]#1 Player in the nation Shabazz Muhammad drops 41 At Nike Extravaganza
Shabazz Muhammad is a machine.Ranked #1 in the nation shabazz puts on a clinic and shows why hes at the top of the charts of high school basketball players
Keywords: sports; shabazz; muhammad; basketball; ballislife; bishop; gorman; unlv; nike; extravaganza; baller; fox; sports; top; ranked; senior
Downloads: 3
[movies]Volunteering at the Fur Ball!
Take a look at what the staff and volunteers of Big Cat Rescue got up to at the 9th Annual Fur Ball. The day of the Fur Ball, these dedicated group of staff and volunteers are cleaning cages, feeding the cats, setting up at the event and rushing around making sure everything is just right! It's a very long day that stretches into the early hours of the morning, but everybody keeps smiling, working hard and having a good time, because we all know we're making a difference! Big Cat Rescue would li...
Keywords: fur; ball; big; cat; rescue; lions; tigers; leopards; volunteers; fox; 13; scott; lope; florida
Downloads: 4
[movies]EPISODE SLICE #19: Founding Flight Fox with Lauren McLeod
Announcement: My 2nd Google+ Hangout on Air will be on Wednesday, November 7th at 4pm PST. Are you going to watch it live? On another note, if you're looking for episode #19, you'll have to go to my site for it. It was done using G+ Hangouts, and there's no way to upload it to Blip. Co-founder Lauren McLeod of Globetrooper and Flight Fox is on the show today! Before you read any more of this, go over to Flight Fox, and check it out...
Keywords: travel; travel; blog; web show; flight fox; lauren mcleod; globetrooper; adventure travel; flights
Downloads: 3
[movies]"Aliens VS Predator: Evolution" Sizzle Reel
Fox Digital Entertainment and Angry Mob Games have released a sizzle reel for the upcoming "Aliens Versus Predator: Evolution" game.
Keywords: arts&culture; talk&interview; aliens vs predator evolution; aliens; predator; fox digital entertainment; angry mob games
Downloads: 27
[movies]Spider-Man "Rocket Racer" - Saturday Morning Glory #3
It's another episode of Saturday Morning Glory, where your host Ryan Lohner looks at some of the most insane moments in Saturday morning cartoon history! Hey, remember when Ryan wrote about "The Spot", the second-worst episode of Spider-Man, the cartoon that ran on FOX Kids back in the '90s? Well, you're in luck, because this time around, he looks at the worst episode of the series, "Rocket Racer"! In it, a whiny kid gets his hands on a rocket-powered skateboard and decides to turn to a life of ...
Keywords: spider-man; spiderman; rocket racer; fox kids; mark hammil; telma hopkins; c.b. barnes; big wheel
Downloads: 47
[movies]The Wolverine Motion Poster
Motion poster for "The Wolverine," starring Hugh Jackman.
Keywords: arts&culture; talk&interview; the wolverine; fox; x-men; hugh hackman
Downloads: 234
[movies]Top 5 BS from 28 days Later
You like the movie ? Too bad, because Benzaie is here to PROVE that it's filled with plenty of BULLSHIT !
Keywords: danny; boyle; oscar; 28; days; later; weeks; fox; searchlight; review; movie; funny; benzaie; top; 5
Downloads: 9
[movies]WonderCon 2012 "Prometheus" Sizzle Reel
In the distant future, two superpowers control Earth and fight each other for all the solar system’s natural resources. When one side dispatches a team to a distant planet to terraform it for human colonization, the team discovers an indigenous race of bio-mechanoid killers. Ridley Scott, director of Alien and Blade Runner, returns to the genre he helped define. With Prometheus, he creates a groundbreaking mythology, in which a team of explorers discover a clue to the origins of mankind on Ear...
Keywords: arts&culture; talk&interview; prometheus; ridley scott; aliens; alien; twentieth century fox
Downloads: 27
[movies]2008 Fur Ball Commercial Shoot
The Fur Ball is Big Cat Rescue's largest fundraiser of the year! This years Fur Ball will be hosted by Fox 13's Cynthia Smoot, who recently visited the sanctuary to film a commercial for the upcoming event. See what goes on behind the scenes when you are working with big cats and trying to get that perfect shot! Big Cat Rescue's 2008 Fur Ball will be held at the A La Carte Pavilion, 4050 Danes Shores Dr...
Keywords: big; cats; lions; cynthia; smoot; fur; ball; tigers; rescue; fox; 13; florida; sanctuary; commercial; shoot
Downloads: 13
[movies]Gadhafi Dead and Fox & Friends Talks Country Music
When news broke that Moammar Gadhafi might be injured, captured or dead MSNBC and CNN tossed aside their morning shows and went to work with non-stop coverage using their worldwide resources. Fox News, on the other hand, has no news resources to speak of and went ahead with Fox & Friends. Sad.
Keywords: news&information; fox news; faux news; msnbc; cnn; morning joe; american morning; gadhafi dead; quadafi dead; khaddafy dead; qaddafi dead; tv coverage libya; libya leader dead; tv gadhafi; tv qaddafi; tv khaddafy; breaking news dead; fox news joke; fox news resources; fox and friends; embara
Downloads: 3
[movies]Jennifer's Body Review
1Sonic takes on a megan fox horror movie.... pray for his soul.
Keywords: video gaming; jennifers body; review; megan; fox; 1sonicwebmaster; tgwtg; review
Downloads: 49
[movies]NOW That's What Soulja Boy Calls ANIME Vol. 1
All original materials copyright their respective owners.
Keywords: soulja; boy; star; fox; anime; swag; dethklok; herb; alpert; hatsune; miku
Downloads: 3
[movies]May 21, 2010 Edition of KC in 60
(Abbreviated show): A look at the idiot John Stossel who says businesses should be able to employ bigoted business practices and this weekend's Subway Series between the Mets and Yankees. Zach gelb shovs in from Long Island.
Keywords: john stossel; rand paul; fox news; fox business; bigot; racism; businesses; civil rights act of 1964; subway series; new york mets; yankees; shovio;; kevin canessa; kc in 60
[movies]The Expert Speaks: Donald Trump on Sasha Baron Cohen, Ryan Seacrist and Afghanistan
Fox and Friends loves Donald Trump and brings him on as an expert about everything, from Sasha Baron Cohen dumping ashes on Ryan Seacrist at the Oscars to the killing of American soldiers in Afghanistan following the burning of Korans. Ridiculous and sublime.
Keywords: news&information; sasha baron cohen; ryan seacrist; oscar; red carpet; donald trump; fox and friends; steve doocey; gretchen carlson; fox news; afghanistan; koran; quran; burning koran; military; american military afghanistan; barack obama
Downloads: 5
[movies]Fox and Friends Interviews a Brown M&M Candy. Seriously.
Fox and Friends is not exactly a serious news program (none of the morning "news" show are) but when they devote five minutes to an interview with a piece of candy? Well you know the brown M&M has the better of this situation.
Keywords: news&information; m&m; brown m and m; m+m; mandm; m and m; fox and friends; fox news; super bowl ad; commercial; m&m super bowl ad; steve doocey; gretchen carlson
Downloads: 6
[movies]Post-Debate, Fox Scores Wayne Newton and Michele Bachmann
Fox News didn't have the Las Vegas Republican debate but that didn't stop Greta Van Susteren from booking several of the candidates for post-debate interviews. But when Herman Cain stiffed her Michele Bachmann came to her rescue with a special guest. Wayne Newton. Priceless.
Keywords: news&information; great van susteren; fox news; republican debate; las vegas debate; nevada debate; wayne newton debate; wayne newton fox; wayne newton bachmann; wayne newton bachman; michelle bachman; michele bachman; cnn debate
Downloads: 6
[movies]Fair and Balanced? Fox News Gives Republican Paul Ryan Birthday Cake
Fox News claims it's Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace as one of it's "Fair and Balanced" news programs but can you imagine Tim Russert, David Gregory, George Stephanopoulos or Bob Schieffer giving a birthday cake to a big Democrat on the show and not getting skewered for it? Me neither.
Keywords: news&information; fox news sunday; chris wallace; paul ryan; ryan plan; birthday; birthday cake; ryan birthday; bob schieffer; george stephanopoulos; tim russert; david gregory; meet the press; face the nation; this week; news bias; liberal bias; fox news bias
Downloads: 5
[movies]Fox Five Eric Bolling Thinks Obama Planned to Get Beat Up Over Contraception
Did Barack Obama purposely create a firestorm around the decision to force religious institutions provide birth control in their employee health plans in order to derail Mitt Romney's campaign? Confused? Eric Bolling of Fox News' The Five helpfully explains, sort of.
Keywords: news&information; fox news; the five; eric bolling; obama; barack obama; conspiracy; catholic; birth control; mitt romney; contraception
Downloads: 8
He likes to slash people up for sport. Now he's in L.A. making mince-meat out of drug dealers and thugs, and only thin blue line of the LAPD can stand up to the challenge...
Keywords: predator; hot toys; 20th century fox; danny glover; alien; 2; acton figure; action figures; times.; toy news
Downloads: 11
[movies]Dick Morris Compares Republican Candidates to a Bunch of Cockroaches
Dick Morris may be a favorite on Fox News for his reliable support for Republicans but when he compared the GOP Presidential field to a group of cockroaches being sprayed with Raid, you gotta wonder what that was all about.
Keywords: news&information; dick morris; bill oreilly; fox news; republican; candidates; cockroach; raid; kills bugs dead; republican cockroach
Downloads: 5
[movies]AVATAR in 5 seconds
that's what I call originality !
Keywords: avatar; james; cameron; pocahontas; benzaie; matrix; 20th; tgwtg fun funny humor that guy with the glasses century; fox; ferngully
Downloads: 4
[movies]February 21, 2011 Edition of KC in 60
A group of people mourning the shooting death of their friend near Sacramento, Calif., turned into an angry mob that attacked a news reporter and photo journalist. Also, a high school kid is expelled for shooting spitballs at a classmate
Keywords: shooting; death; muder; ihop; sacramento; california; mob; attack; fox; reporter; camerawoman; beating; kicking; high school; kid; expelled; spitballs; rotc
Downloads: 13
[movies]Glenn Beck is Back...If You Can Find Him
Glenn Back is back but not on TV. His new show runs two hours and can be seen only on his own website GBTV. It looks a lot like the old show on Fox but as Beck said, he's beholden to no one so expect to see him go even further out into right field than he used to. His problem is getting people to think about him at 5 -- on their computers.
Keywords: news&information; glenn beck; fox news; gbtv; beck new show; glenn beck new show; glen beck new show
Downloads: 9
[movies]The Best Three Moments From Trump's Romney Endorsement Circus
Donald Trump made sure every media outlet had a chance to ask him about his endorsement of Mitt Romney and that made for some incredible moments of classic Trump. What was the best? His interview with Greta Van Susteren about his failed debate? Wolf Blitzer playing back clips of Trump slamming Romney? Or Romney's reaction to the endorsement itself?
Keywords: news&information; donald trump; mitt romney; endorsement; cnn; fox news; greta van susteren; wolf blitzer; trump endorsement; trump debate
Downloads: 3
[movies]Million Man Tire Explosion
The District's music scene has long been enriched by and has greatly benefitted from the DIY mentality of its residents, but with DIY spaces continually drying up, folks are being forced to be more creative. Back in May, Britton Powell from Hume hosted a one-off mini fest of sorts featuring Diane Cluck, Susan Alcorn & Janel Leppin, Macaw and Swamp Fox at the Million Man Tire shop on Georgia Avenue, to kick off summer 2011.
Keywords: music; diane cluck; diy; hume; janel leppin; macaw; petworth; sockets; susan alcorn; swamp fox; washington city paper
Downloads: 5
[movies]What The Tech Ep. 160 - Xbox Firestorm 4-9-13
This week on What The Tech: Andrew Zarian and Paul Thurrott discuss the aftermath of their Xbox always on discussion from last Friday. How has the Xbox 360 changed since it's launch? Google officially announces plans to expand Google Fiber to Austin by mid-2014. Should Google have a nationwide roll out of Google Fiber? News Corp. COO says Fox could become a cable channel if Aereo isn't blocked. Also Andrew gives an update on his impression of the BlackBerry Z10 after his first week with it.
Keywords: news&information; talk&interview; xbox; microsoft; technology; fox; tv; blackberry; google; google fiber; internet; cord cutting; aereo
Downloads: 11
This small but fun little model of the 1968 television show Land of the Giants from the mind of Irwin Allen is a great little kit. With full color interior, it's just too cool to pass up.
Keywords: spindrift; irwin allen; fox; studios; model; moebius; kit; 1/128th; scale; action; figure; times;; news; reviewm
Downloads: 25
[movies]What The Tech Ep. 140 - In My Opinion 11-6-12
This week on What The Tech: What things get under Andrew and Paul's skin? Andrew and Paul air their dirty laundry including a few thoughts on how election coverage is consumed these days. Paul rambles off a few things that he thinks need to be improved on Microsoft's new Windows RT surface tablet. Andrew brings up the recent management changes at Apple. Paul dishes out his thoughts. Microsoft announces the retirement of MSN Messenger...
Keywords: news&information; talk&interview; wii u; microsoft; windows 8; windows surface; windows rt; mac; apple; fox news; cnn; windows metro; xbox tablet; technology
Downloads: 2
[movies]#RieslingHour - Episode #160
Author: Mark V. Fusco San Antonio, TX In this video, Mark joins the winemakers from Red Newt Cellars and Hazlitt 1852 Vineyards for their #RieslingHour Twitter tasting on 5/26/2011. He tasted the 2009 Red Newt "Circle" Riesling, the 2008 Hazlitt Homestead Reserve Riesling, and the 2009 Fox Run Dry Riesling. These wines are from the Finger Lakes region of New York. On the show are David Whiting of Red Newt Cellars and Lauren Fiala from Hazlitt 1852 Vineyards...
Keywords: food&leisure; #rieslinghour; riesling; red newt; hazlitt; fox run; finger lakes; new york; twitter; ustream; skype; wine; wine review; video wine review; 1337
Downloads: 3
[movies]Berkeley Bake Sale Explained on Fox
College Republicans at U.C. Berkeley decided to have a bake sale that charged different prices based on race and gender. It was a stunt to show their opposition to a new California law allowing universities to consider race and gender in their admissions process. Quel surprise! Fox has a totally over-the-top take from one of it's own and a totally rational discussion -- from the students.
Keywords: news&information; fox news; megyn kelly; berkeley republicans; college republicans; berkeley college republicans; berkeley bake sale; berkeley republican bake sale; republican bake sale; john stossel; stossel bake sale
Downloads: 3
[movies]Anuario 2007: Septiembre 01 - Octubre 31 - XHGLC-TV
Anuario donde se mencionan los eventos principales acontecidos entre el 1º de septiembre y el 31 de octubre de 2007, con una óptica distinta a la de los medios de comunicación tradicionales. * Septiembre 01, México: Felipe Calderón entrega su informe * Septiembre 04, México: Se declara la alerta azul en Quintana Roo, por el Huracán Félix * Septiembre 07, Italia: El tenor Luciano Pavarotti, falleció en su ciudad natal Módena, afectado por cáncer en el páncreas agravado por una infecci...
Keywords: AMLO; Andrés Manuel López Obrador; Peje; Brasil; FeCal; FIFA; Frente Amplio Progresista; Felix; Pavarotti; Pelele; Telemundo; Vicente Fox Quezada; Rubén Luengas
Downloads: 86
[movies]The Dark Knight Rises movie review by Armchair Directors PART 2
The epic conclusion to our Dark Knight Rises review.
Keywords: arts&culture; armchair directors; movie; review; discussion; film; comic; book; batman; robin; alfred; batmobile; bat; batpod; lucious fox; signal; gordon; joker; bane; catwoman; gotham; arkham; trilogy; nolan; zimmer
Downloads: 6
[movies]Republican Debates Tell a Lot About the TV Networks Hosting
There have been a lot of Republican presidential debates so far this year and they've told us a lot about the candidates. But what do they say about the networks hosting them. What do the sets and openings tell us? For one, Bloomberg is cheap.
Keywords: news&information; republican debate; presidential debate; gop debate; cnn debate; fox debate; bloomberg debate; cbs news debate; wolf blitzer; anderson cooper; charlie rose; iowa; new hampshire
Downloads: 2
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